Saturday, March 10, 2012

Live Your (Mini) Dream

     If I had my wildest dream, I mean beyond what I could ever imagine my life being, I would have my own TV show. Not like the sitcom of my life or Jersey Shore, Evergreen, Colorado style (although I admit, those would both be equally as entertaining), but like Oprah, Anderson Cooper, and Ellen. I would get to chat it up with celebrities, dabble in some real journalism, and entertain simply by being myself. Am I quitting college and banking on having my name on the silver screen? Not quite. But there's nothing wrong with dreaming, right?
     And yesterday, I got a chance to have just the tiniest taste of that dream. My friends and I attended the taping for Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show. I was asked by the producer if I'd be willing to ask a question to the day's guests: the Basketball Wives. When we arrived at the show, we were taken into a special section where we were seated and interviewed again by a show manager. We were then taken to our seats, where a name card had been placed down for us.
     During the taping, Anderson came to me and I got a chance to ask a question. What was my question and what was the answer? I honestly couldn't tell you. All I knew was that I had to keep my cool: don't fall, don't throw up, don't pick your nose. And I succeeded.
     And as if that wasn't enough, during the commercial breaks, Anderson asked if the audience had any unrelated questions for him. I asked if he had any journalism advice for a student like me. That's right. I got personal journalism advice from Anderson Cooper.
    I left the show totally thrilled. And maybe my wildest dream is pretty far away, but being in that studio overlooking Central Park, I realized wild doesn't mean impossible.

My friends and I in the "special section."

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