Thursday, June 28, 2012

Try Something New

     There's no shame in being a little lazy sometimes. Everyone deserves the chance to lay on the couch in their pajamas all day watching their favorite movie for the 700th time. But when you are trying to figure out what you've accomplished in the past week and you come up empty handed, that's an indication that maybe it's time to get out and do something.
     Change up your routine. Escape the monotony of everyday life. Get out there and do something that you've never tried before. Two weeks back, I packed up my camping gear and headed out on a two week camping expedition with my friend and her family. We danced it up at a music festival and spent days lounging at the beach. We spent the nights circled around a campfire and slept tucked under a low-hanging tree in our two-person tent. It was something I'd never done before and that felt great.
     So when you realize that you've watched three seasons of Desperate Housewives in less than a week, get off the couch and try something new. Go outside of your comfort zone and dive into an experience that you can hold with you for a long time. When you get back, Desperate Housewives will still be waiting for you.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Make Me


     I like to run. Usually. But there are some days when I just don't want to get off the couch. I want to stay cuddled in my warm blanket with the air conditioning cranked as high as it will go so that I can pretend it's not 90 degrees outside. Motivating myself to put on the running shoes and actually get out there proves to be somewhat of a challenge. Whether it's running, work, or some other task you just can't bring yourself to do, here are some ways I've found do the trick:

1. Just get started
     If you just motivate yourself to put on the shoes, eventually, you're body will be ready to take on the task of the actual run. Slowly but surely, as you get dressed and pull your hair in that pony tail, you will accidentally motivate yourself to go out there and do it.

2. Time yourself
    Tell yourself "I'm going to do this for 10 minutes, then I get a break," or "in 5 minutes, I'm going." Giving yourself a time limit allows you to psyche yourself up. If you say you're going to run for 10 minutes, you often times keep going for more without even realizing you had the motivation in you.

3. Tell yourself why
     Sure, it would be easy never to leave my front door in a pair of running shoes, but I have to remind myself how great it feels when I'm done. I feel like I've accomplished something and I'm always in a better mood. Take the time to actually thing to yourself why you're doing what you do in the first place.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Over The Top

     I don't really do anything half-hearted. Either I'm diving headfirst into the deep end or I'll just stay on my chair and tan. That's why when my friends suggested watching Miss USA together, I knew it was time for a full-fledged beauty queen fiasco. We dressed in gowns, snacked on fancy desserts, and bet on our favorite contestant. It took a casual television gathering and turned it into a party. Plus, we got some pretty interesting looks...

     When you take time to yourself to have a little fun, it's a great opportunity for relaxation. But when you turn that time to yourself into a dramatic, over-the-top party, it's a great opportunity for fun. Get your friends together for a slip and slide party or have afternoon tea complete with hats and fine china. Don't do anything half-hearted. Go big or go home.