Saturday, March 24, 2012


     The below conversation actually happened as is demonstrated with words and pictures. We thus discovered that when the conversation gets boring, stop talking and start texting. Let me just make sure you're aware this conversation occurred while we were all sitting three feet away from each other in the same room. Enjoy.
Sami: Guys! I'm going to send you a picture and you have to guess what word I'm thinking of.

Nicole: Sami, no one could guess that word.
CC: Arr! Like a pirate.
So I sent:
(Good one, Sami)
And CC sent:
(What the f***?)
Trying to change the subject, Sami sent:
Which thus reminded all of us how often Sami likes to fluff her hair and check herself out in the mirror, so they sent:

But I decided pictures weren't enough, so I sent:
Then I thought about how funny I was, so I sent this:
But Sami didn't get that video, so she sent this:

So I sent:

(Don't know, don't care)
CC: It looks're smelling a llama.
Therefore, I sent:
Then, we had a lovely laugh about what had just happened. But, just to make sure that everyone would experience our conversation to epic proportions, I sent this:

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