Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daily Calendars

     I believe so firmly in the power of a daily calendar, I have two: The Daily Bitch and 365 Days of Shoes. Even my dad keeps his daily Sports Illustrated Calendar on his desk. Having a little giggle or smile in the morning is a great way to start off your day. But the only way to do it (as childish as it sounds) is to not peek. Looking at days ahead just means that you have a new picture to see every morning. But when you discover a new picture every morning, it automatically puts you in a good mood and gives you something to look forward to when you first get up, however small that something may be. Put it right by your bed and do it first thing when your alarm goes off. It makes getting out of bed just a little less painful.
     And then to keep the fun going, my hall takes the best ones and hangs them on our Bitch Wall. We can relive the laughs day after day.

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