Wednesday, July 25, 2012


     When you're running from job to job, workout to lunch with the girls, sometimes we forget to grab a little me time. But unfortunately, when we're stocked up on IOU's of me time, it can catch up to you. It caught up to me in the form of what I was sure was the plague (though more believably, strep throat). On top of that, because we were getting our floors re-done, I wasn't allowed in the house. Instead, I was holed up in a hotel with nothing but water, dry bread, and enough medication to cure an entire country of the common cold.
     What I learned between episodes of Desperate Housewives and restless sleeps was not to wait until you literally can't get out of bed to spend some time there. Allow yourself a day to sleep in. Tell your friends you can't go out because you want to curl up with your favorite book for a few hours. It's okay to be alone for a little while. I also highly recommend doing it when it's not in a drug-enduced stupor.

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