Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting Out of Bed

     I've never been one to hop out of bed with the rising sun and be ready to go. Sure, I'm a morning person, but it takes a few cups of coffee and a few hours of lounging to be ready for the day. Usually, I'm up and about for a while before I'm ready to go for a run. In the brisk fall weather or the warm spring afternoons, that's never been a problem. But when I hit my favorite running trail at 95 degrees with 0% humidity, afternoon running didn't feel so hot.
     I love running, but I had to change my habits as the summer heats up. If you're like me and you'd rather beat your head against a wall then run more than five minutes on a treadmill, choose two or three days out of the week to get up early and hit the running trail. Choose the days when you need to be up early for work and set the alarm 30 minutes earlier or coordinate morning runs with friends so you aren't tempted to roll back under the covers. The air conditioned gym may feel like the best choice when the temperature sky-rockets, but if you need your dose of outdoor activity, plan ahead.

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