Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clear It Out


     For those who have ever single-handedly organized and executed a garage sale, you understand me when I say it’s a monumental feat. First, you have to sort through all of your junk, decide what you don’t want to keep, organize it, price it, carry it where it needs to be, and then sell it. I was more tired after that week of garage sale preparation than I was the week of finals.
     Why would one voluntarily put themselves through such agony? To clear out and make space. When you let your life get cluttered, it can overwhelm you. And yes, there are some metaphorical undertones in what I’m saying here. Don’t let things, material or mental, pile up. Take care of them. Figure out what you want to hold on to and if you don’t need it, let it go. Creating space for new shoes, new thoughts, or new friends will put you in an excellent mood. After you take a good, solid nap and count your money, that is.

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