Wednesday, May 2, 2012

F*** Off.

     I pride myself on being the kind of person that gets along with a variety of people. But even for me, there are some days when I really just want to slap someone so hard, their grandchildren have 5-stars. But unfortunately, since I have some semblance of dignity, I refrain. But all day, my blood boils just thinking about them. How do you rid that devil from your mind? Write them a letter.
     I'll take this opportunity to clarify that writing a letter and sending a letter are two different things. Write said person a letter telling them exactly what you think. Use all those words that would make your mother wash your mouth out with soap. Tell them about those nightmares you've had about having to sit next to them on a plane or the time that you actually screamed out loud just thinking about the shit they said to you. Then tear it up and throw it away. Releasing all of these inner thoughts allows the stress this person causes to ease without actually hurting any feelings. Just make sure that the letter is discretely disposed of. You don't want to be the next "Dramatic Reading of a Break-up Letter."

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