Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adapt to Survive

     It feels like I've lived in New York City for longer than two semesters. I hadn't realized how well I'd adapted to the fast-paced city life until I tried to come home. Greeted by a day of snowfall and horrible altitude sickness, I couldn't imagine why I'd ever missed Colorado in the first place. But after a few runs through the mountains and a couple hours in a car in which I didn't have to watch a meter, I realized how nice home felt.
     Especially when your surroundings change, it can be hard to adapt. For a creature of habit like me, it's exceptionally difficult to change my everyday routine. But there's always one sure-fire way to fix the situation: look at the things you've got that you didn't have before. I've got a queen-sized bed, two dogs, a fridge full of food, and an excuse to wear my Ugg boots again. Don't get bogged down with the change. Embrace it. When you do, you'll love the change of pace.

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