Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Things Every "Adult" Should Buy

In exactly one month, I will have to be a real-life adult with real-life problems (just applied for my first credit card. What??). And, if you’re like me, you haven’t necessarily mastered the “mature adult” thing yet. Sure, you know there’s a difference between merlot and cabernet, but hell if you know what the difference actually is. And yeah, you know how to use a credit card, but have never actually paid a credit card bill. The way I see it, these things will come with age. But when it comes to being an adult, there are a few things every young woman should have:

1. Alcohol you can’t take in shot form
This could mean a mixer like triple sec to make yourself a classy cosmopolitan or a nice scotch you like to sip on. I’m not saying avoid the vodka and tequila altogether, but don’t let your adult apartment look like the inside of a frat house either.

2. More than one good pair of pants
I recently brought my favorite pair of jeans home from the tailor because, after wearing them 3-4 days per week, I’d rubbed a hole in the inseam. Invest in more than one pair of paints that are comfortable and, for bonus points, work appropriate.

3. A pet
I’m not saying go out and adopt a new puppy, but if you haven’t had practice taking care of someone or something other than yourself up until now, here’s your chance. Feel free to start small, like a fish (or, if you’re really a beginner, a cactus).

4. A respectable phone case
Ok, ok, I only gave up my Disney princess phone case last week, but come on, it’s cute! However, I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel putting that on the table during a meeting. Even if you just have a boring day case and a rockin’ post-work case, that’s fine. Just make sure you have something that looks relatively respectable for professional situations.

5. Furniture you didn’t assemble
This one is still on my to-do list…Ikea is just so cheap! But when it comes to a big kid apartment, it’d be nice to have a chair that doesn’t squeak or a couch I'm not afraid to sit on.

6. Framed art
Posters and tacked pictures are cute in a dorm room, but you’re an adult now. Buy a frame. You can get two for like five dollars at Kmart, so just do it! It will make any room look more mature and protect your pictures from getting torn or lost.

7. One newspaper subscription

You’re allowed to have more than one, but get at least one. Even if all you do is glance at it and occasionally read a story, science has shown that people read more thoroughly in hard-copy form than online, so stay informed and read a newspaper!

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