Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Following the Frenchies

             For those of you who aren’t following the latest reporting trends (it’s alright, I didn't expect you to), much of reporting has gone to social media. After all, Twitter can report the latest breaking news faster than a news station can. Which means that as a journalism student, my social media has turned into my work. I have to remind myself to tweet something related to my “beat” every day, to post relevant articles on Facebook (and make sure that everything else I post is “work worthy”), and I usually just avoid most other outlets so I don’t have to keep track of what I’m posting there as well. But there’s one outlet I’ve kept just for me: Instagram.
            No, this doesn’t mean that I’m posting ludicrous and laughable photos on my own Instagram account. It means that when it comes to Instagram, I couldn’t care less about my “beat” or relevant sites. I’m all about the French bulldogs. For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE French bulldogs. With their squishy faces, fat little legs, and waddling, old-man walks, I can’t help but squeal every time I see them. They. Are. Adorable.
That’s why of all the accounts I follow on Instagram, probably half are various French bulldogs. No, it doesn’t help with my journalism career. But here are five reasons I keep those bulldogs around.

Credit: manny_the_frenchie
        Sometimes you need a smile: In the high-stress world of college, sometimes, you just need something to make you smile. Did you know that that “aww” feeling you get when you see a puppy is actually a release of a chemical in your brain called oxytocin, which is a strong protector against stress? If you’re a fan of fluffy cats or, like me, those squishy little faces, follow whatever can give you a grin. It’s scientifically proven to make you less stressed.
           Don’t take yourself so seriously: I see you out there, taking selfie after selfie, documenting your latest fashion attempts and trend ideas. I get it: you’ve got to make yourself look trendy and your life enviable. But don’t forget the idea of social media; to make socializing fun. If you’re putting so much thought into your every post, what fun is that? Just follow the dog. Just do it.
Credit: frank_the_funnyfrenchie
             It won’t incriminate you: If you think that a potential boss isn’t all over your social media accounts, you’re living in another world. If you’re posting crazy, drunken pictures from your friend’s 21st on Instagram, a potential boss might see. But if you’re just following some squishy cuties, how embarrassing is that?
      Stay up to date on trends: You may think that cute little puppies won’t help you much in the way of trend-spotting, but you’d be wrong. After all, “Grumpy Cat” was on the cover of New York Magazine under the title “Boom Brand.” One of my favorite puppies, Manny the Frenchie, was a talk-show guest several times. Though it may seem superficial, following the occasional animal friend can actually keep you ahead of the trend-train.

“Boom Brand” ideas of your own: Maybe you’ve got a budding entrepreneur inside of you, or you’re looking for a project to embark on. These puppies are cute, but their owners are branding geniuses. They’re making calendars, shirts, raking in free boxes of goodies, endorsements, sponsorships; they’re making a business out of their pets. If I ever get lucky enough to have a Frenchie of my own, I’ll have a million ways to bring in the big bucks. Just you wait.
Credit: barkleysircharles

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