Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just A Little Trick

     I hate to admit it but I’m all about the numbers. When it comes to weighing myself, sometimes I do it two or more times a day. It’s not because I’m a masochist who likes to remind myself how much I weigh. Sometimes, I use the scale to see if I’ve eaten too much that day. I use it to see how much weight I lost after a long run or, most often, to make myself feel better. When I know I’ve had a good day in regards to eating and exercising, seeing a low number is like a high.
     But if it’s a high number, it can be depressing. Seeing your number on the scale can be like a smack in the face. Constantly obsessing over a number rather than how I feel or how I look certainly can't be healthy for me. That’s why I’m trying a new tactic: Instead of getting on the scale and seeing how much I weight, I’m going to get on and see how much I want to weigh. I took a little scrap of paper, wrote down my goal weight, and every time I get on the scale, I’m going to put it right over the little screen.
            Is putting my goal weight over my actual weight going to make it magically happen? Probably not. But maybe it will force me to think thin. It will get rid of my obsession with weighing a little more after a big meal and the craving to weigh myself after a hard workout. It'll force me to focus on how thin I feel rather than how thin the scale tells me I am. And, if nothing else, it will make me smile.

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